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January 2000 to June 30, 2000

Sorry to disappoint anyone but the first pictures of the year 2000 are of trains!

Trains at the Conrail Yard on 01/01/2000

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These shots were taken in 1999, but since I am just now posting them I am putting them with the 2000 photos.  They were pulled from the taken by the St. Louis Arch Cam (ArchCam Web Cam) while we were sitting in front of it in my Ford Ranger.

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That's Laura on the phone behind the truck.

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It was a long call!

First big snowfall of the Millennium?

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January 14, 2000 - The Detroit Pistons vs. The Washington Wizards

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Grant Hill

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Garrett with Grant Hill in the background

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Garrett with Grant Hill in the background

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The gang in the suite!

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Grant Hill

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Grant Hill

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Guess who?

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That gang again!

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The Mascot


The new vanity in the lower bathroom.

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From outside the door.

mvc-442f.jpg (43076 bytes)

From inside looking toward the door.

Ewww, more least it looks nice?

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Looking out the doorwall.

mvc-460f.jpg (68485 bytes)

Looking out the doorwall, the sequel.

Vintage Merchandise from Sears Roebuck and Co. Chicago

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Old Car

mvc-484f.jpg (66289 bytes)

Another old car

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Same car, different view

mvc-488f.jpg (74842 bytes)

Sort of like a moped; a motorcycle with peddles!

OK, today is April 9th.  Last Saturday on April 1, I mowed the grass and fertilized it.  These pictures are from April 8th and April 9th!!!

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My new Ford Ranger - 04/21/2000

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mvc-072f.jpg (72418 bytes)

It's got 4 doors!

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Garrett's First Communion - 04/30/2000

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Ray's new bike...

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Pictures of the aquarium...the Oscars are about 7 inches long now!

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Memorial Day 2000, in St. Louis, MO.

alex and fernando vina.jpg (34401 bytes)

Laura's nephew Alex with St. Louis Cardinal Fernando Vina

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The St. Louis Cardinal's store at Union Station, St. Louis, MO

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Laura's nephews Alex and Antonio with her brother Lester

mvc-320f.jpg (84203 bytes)

Laura's brother Lenny with Alex at the church picnic.

mvc-369f.jpg (73543 bytes)

Laura's great step-niece, Jessica

The Detroit Tigers vs. The St. Louis Cardinals at Comerica Park on June 11, 2000.

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The main entrance to Comerica Park

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The main scoreboard

mvc-450f.jpg (36748 bytes)

The Renaissance Center from inside the park

mvc-466f.jpg (62460 bytes)

St. Louis Cardinal Fernando Vina at bat

mvc-467f.jpg (52779 bytes)

St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire on deck in the first inning. 


mvc-471f.jpg (52821 bytes)

Mark McGwire's 1st inning home run!


The Turtle in our front yard on June 17th.

mvc-481f.jpg (134644 bytes)

Found this turtle in our front yard

mvc-485fa.jpg (106159 bytes)

Get away and leave me alone!

mvc-488fa.jpg (100132 bytes)

Peeking out

mvc-492f.jpg (69481 bytes)

Held up high!

mvc-493f.jpg (60260 bytes)

Going for a ride!

mvc-501f.jpg (88091 bytes)

The turtle in it's new home, the stream in the park by our house.


Cruisin' Gratiot 2000, June 17, 2000.  You used to be able to see pictures at the offical cruise site but it appears to be gone now unfortunately.

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Ludington, MI

mvc-621f.jpg (30049 bytes)

The S.S. Badger car ferry behind Ludington North Pierhead Lighthouse

mvc-632f.jpg (27266 bytes)

Ludington North Pierhead Lighthouse

mvc-633f.jpg (41681 bytes)

Lake Michigan with the S.S Badger in the background

mvc-638f.jpg (88684 bytes)

"Joan" -  Kevin and Tammy's Cottage

mvc-641f.jpg (54747 bytes)

A deer!

mvc-643f.jpg (47186 bytes)

Another deer!

mvc-649f.jpg (60008 bytes)

One last deer.

mvc-657f.jpg (45459 bytes)

A family of Swans

mvc-670f.jpg (42072 bytes)

Looking for food?

mvc-676f.jpg (78716 bytes)

An old caboose in someone's yard!

mvc-686f.jpg (88176 bytes)

Classic Car Contest in Ludington

mvc-693f.jpg (75310 bytes)

Could this be the car in the movie Rainman?

mvc-708f.jpg (29913 bytes)

Kevin and family on the dunes at Silver Lake

mvc-710f.jpg (42184 bytes)

The dunes

mvc-729f.jpg (38707 bytes)

Little Point Sable Light

mvc-730f.jpg (24430 bytes)

Little Point Sable Light

mvc-746f.jpg (74873 bytes)

The S.S. Badger carferry unloading in Ludington

mvc-753f.jpg (52856 bytes)

The S.S. Badger in Ludington

mvc-755f.jpg (16932 bytes)

Big Sable Point the fog!

mvc-759f.jpg (23783 bytes)

Big Sable Point Light


mvc-763f.jpg (23018 bytes)

Big Sable Point Light

mvc-777f.jpg (31989 bytes)

Big Sable Point Light

mvc-785f.jpg (24849 bytes)

Big Sable Point Light


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