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July 2002

Jennings' Reunion and Aunt Jo's 60th Birthday - July 7, 2002

Grandma Lee and Samantha


Colette and Marty


Mugging for the camera!

Marty and Amanda trying to catch a big one!

Aunt Jo and Mark

Flowers in Rochester, MI July 12, 2002

The Detroit Zoo, July 26, 2002
Visit the Detroit Zoo online!

Lazy tiger!

Mugging for the camera??


Back at ya!

My what a long tongue!

The Bald Eagle, emblem of the United States of America.

Which foot is David's?

The new Polar Bear exhibit.  You walk in a tunnel with water all around you!

An Aardvark!

The memorable bear fountain.

The famous Zoo train!

Red-tailed Hawk, MI July 29, 2002

A red-tailed hawk in the rain on the fence behind the house.


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