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August, 2007

Great Blue Heron, Miller & Haligus Raod - 8/01/2007

Notice the reflection of the heron's foot in the water.

Accident on the Indiana Toll Road in Indiana - 8/03/2007

Just happened to have my camera on the front seat at the time...

Garden harvest and sunflowers... 8/11/2007

The first good harvest!


American Dagger Moth Caterpillar - 8/11/2007

After the storm... 8/12/2007

The base is full of water.

The base of the umbrella stand is also full of water and table top is glass but it didn't break.

It's hard to see but the tomato plants were tipped to the left of the picture from the wind!

Sandhill Crane on Delaney near Wadsworth, IL - 08-25-2007


Red-tailed Hawk in Resurrection Cemetery, St. Louis, MO - 8/26/2007

Dragonfly in the front yard - 8/27/2007

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