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Club Med - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! June 9 - June 17, 2012

YouTube Video of the photos below...with various videos embedded.  This did have MP3 music along with the video but despite the fact that YouTube has TONS of copyrighted material home video with MP3s was blocked (well, the audio was muted) so I had to create a new one without music unfortunately :-(.  The video is about 45 min long...

David, Laura, Emily, Christoper, Lisa, Jean

Village Map

Emily and Christopher

Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale...

Outside the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

At breakfast...

The flight to Punta Cana!

The Punta Cana Airport

Club Med!

Favorite Picture!

View from our room!

Laura and Emily

David and Laura


Slip and slide #1

Slip and slide #2

Slip and slide #3


Breakfast daily at Hispaniola!

A view from lunch...


The BIG pool.

Photo of THEIR photo...

Photo of THEIR photo...

More desserts...


Sunrise with a condensated lens due to the temp change from room to beach :-(

What a crab!


Baby octopus in a conch shell!


Great Barracuda

Got coconut milk?

Ocean Surgeonfish

Look closely for the Sergeant Major...

Again...look closely for the Sergeant Major...

Free scuba trial.

The flower walk...


See the Katnis bow?

A gecko

Boat ride up/down the coast.

No idea what this is...

The glam shoot...

Trapeze time...

Emily's medal!

The Big Show!

Hard at work?

The great hunter!!!

Yellow stingray

Sunburned and sleeping...

Rain on the day we were leaving...

The flight back to Ft. Lauderdale.

David's medals :-)

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